I make my own luck

Lara Croft - a traveler, explorer and - tomb rider. She is a force to be reckoned with, even monsters and deities are not safe from her. Her passion is to go where no man has gone before - into the depths of old catacombs and grottoes, where, breaking through secret passages, she faces the archaeological secrets of the world.

Welcome to my tomb, internet traveller! You are now on growing shrine for classic Lara Croft. Why classic and only classic? Because, in my cruel honesty, I think that only Core Designs, who created and carried her for first few years, handled her well. Only classic Lara is an icon, rolemodel and hero. And I spent my best years, playing in first 5 Tomb Raider games, until my nails fell off!
So... Enjoy your stay! And come back regularly to see what's going on.

Last update: 01.01.23.
I am slowly filling up the "Lara" section :) I gave few articles some attention, also, soon I will fix the obvious non-english speaker mistakes I made last year. See you soon, with images that will make the articles look better!